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Maker Party Wellington

13 September 2014

Event report by Jess Weichler

About #MakerPartyWGTN

Over 140 makers, tinkerers, and coders young and old descended upon the Miramar Community Centre for three hours of innovation and learning. Participants were able to see live demos of 3D sculpting and modeling with The Wellington Makerspace, create amazing LED lanterns with Fabriko, learn how to work collaboratively to programme video games using Scratch at the MakerBox learning station and much more.

This is just a small sample of images and video created. We are still curating kid-created content that was generated at the event through a session on making mobile media and Creative Commons led by Ms. Behaviour from Mohawk Media.

Throughout the event there were many questions as to if we would hold another, before Christmas even! It might not be that soon, but all organisations involved plan on keeping up the momentum with similar community events and educator-focused learning parties.

Extra Media

Party Gallery

Image by @MiramarMike

Image by @MsBehaviour

Image by @MsBehaviour

Image by @jlweich